November 26, 2018

Christmas Gift Guide

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year.”

Okay… I just finished snooping through some websites to create this gift guide. Just know that I put a lot of time and effort into this guide to find the perfect gift ideas for you. Before we get started, I’d like to say that this Christmas Guide has something for everyone’s pocket. It was a challenge though to find gift ideas for men aka your grandpas, fathers, boyfriends, husbands, uncles, etc. But I can proudly say that I tried to include different pieces for different tastes. But the most important thing is (let me say it again): I added something for everyone’s price range. This Christmas Guide has something for everyone’s pocket. 

Just how I do usually, I created some categories, so if you have the time, have a look into all the categories, because you never know when you might feel like you found the perfect gift . Let’s get into it. 

Gifts For Makeup Lovers:

I feel like makeup is a pretty good gift idea. Obviously it depends more on how much the person is actually into makeup. Like I wouldn’t gift someone makeup, that doesn’t really wear or cares about it. But if that person loves makeup, getting them makeup would be a very solid decision. So I added some items that are trending right now. It would be even better, if you knew for a fact that the person doesn’t own any of these or that the person has been wanting any of these. I made sure that there’s something for everyone’s pocket, but obviously if you’d like to combine makeup with something else as a bigger gift, then keep scrolling.



Obviously getting someone shoes can be tricky, because you need to know their exact size, but I guess buying any present is kinda a challenge. I’m just assuming that these are gift ideas for people whose shoe sizes you know. And that the person has been talking about wanting a certain shoe or liking a certain shoe.


Designer Bags:

This category is for people who have a higher price range and I just figured you would gift someone a designer brand, if they are really close to you, if you can afford it and if you know that they’ve been wanting one for a long time or for people who only wear designer, etc. You get the point.


Beauty Product Lovers:

I am obsessed with beauty products. And I would definitely love a gift like that. I tried to add things that I heard good things about, items that I use and love and items that I would love to try. I can just say, if you have absolutely no idea, then I’d definitely get the Mario Badescu set. You can’t go wrong with that.



All Things Cozy.. Pyjamas, Blankets, etc:

I think this is the season where this category will be very appreciated. Especially if you have no idea about sizes and what to get them, etc. I definitely think a cute cozy blanket or some fuzzy slippers or a soft morning robe etc, could be your go to. 


Jackets & Coats:

Obviously it’s winter. Everybody needs a jacket to keep themselves warm. So I do think that if you choose the right one, it can be a wonderful present. Again, there’s something for everyone’s pocket and taste. 



This can be more seen as a “My Favorite Picks in Clothing” because I love everything that is in this category. I want it all in my closet. Which is probably not gonna happen, but I definitely think or hope that you can find something in here that could make a person happy to have received that gift.


Home & Electronics:

I think this could also be a really nice gift category. I tried to add cute things as well as things that could be useful in the kitchen or just items to look cute in the house.


NYE Party Outfits:

I’m definitely gonna do a separate blogpost on this, and I am actually considering doing a video for my channel on NYE dresses, but I thought this Christmas Guide can also use some party outfits. I mean who wouldn’t like a nice shiny dress in their wardrobe? 


And that is it for this post. I really really hope that you could find something in this blogpost that you thought would be a beautiful gift to someone. If you did, please let me know in the comments, so I can be happy that I was helpful. And if not, then maybe you can still let me know which items you really liked. 

Sending positive vibes to all of you & Happy Shopping!

4 responses to “Christmas Gift Guide”

  1. Mia says:

    I loooooove reading ur blogposts!!!😍 There are some great pieces in this guide

    • Kardelen Isleyen says:

      Thank you so much, Mia. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Hopefully I could help with making gift buying easier for you.❤️

  2. Wow you’ve definitely outdone yourself with this gift guide! I can tell it took a lot of time! These are great gifts! I love the idea of getting shoes but hopefully they get the size right! Lol. Thanks for creating this post love!

    Hope your Christmas was great with your friends + family!

    xx, Des |

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