September 4, 2018

Weekend Vibes.

“Don’t let other people determine your self-worth”

The weekend is over.. I gotta admit my weekend was full of workouts and yoga sessions and self-care.  What did you guys do on the weekend? To me, a weekend full of self-care is a beautiful weekend. I get to do my yoga, take a shower and then I can just read my books and write a new blogpost. Super relaxing and active.

Also, I really love staying at home. Well also, because my job needs me to sit in front of my laptop until I actually have to go out for a shoot or audition. 

Well, it’s Monday. A brand new start to a brand new week. I can’t wait to see what exciting things are gonna happen this week. Every week brings new opportunities.

For today, I have some things lined up. I have a yoga session, then once that is done, I start stretching, because I need to do the splits for my dancing classes and stunts. Afterwards, I will read my book and go out to eat. Maybe I should actually do a post about the books that I am reading. They are definitely worth a read.

For the ones of you that are wondering when a new video is gonna drop, I filmed a new video yesterday and I actually was meant to edit the video, but I just don’t like how it turned out at all. So I guess I am just gonna have to do a new video. 

Now something to the look you are about to see: This look was definitely one of my favorite looks during the photoshoot in London. I loved the red lip and the all white (if you watched my Zara Haul video, you might recognize the pants) Also I really loved that the photoshoot took place in front of the Buckingham Palace. I added some of my most favorite photos from that shoot. 

Leave me a comment about what you think of the pictures and of the look and let me know how your weekend went and what you did. Sending positive vibes to all of you.




6 responses to “Weekend Vibes.”

  1. Mia says:

    My weekend=Netflix in bed. I wish I was as active as you😩 btw the pics look so good you are killing it!

    • Kardelen Isleyen says:

      I used to not be active at all. I was very unfit. But you know at some point I just realized I hated feeling lazy and sleepy at all times and I knew I had to get active. And since then I am feeling so much better. So just find your motivation and you will be able to be active as well. I am wishing you all the luck.✨

  2. Alexandris says:

    Love it❤️

    • Kardelen Isleyen says:

      Thank you so much, Alexandris. I’m glad you like it. Make sure you subscribe, so you don’t miss new blogposts.🧡

  3. Sanchez says:

    Stunner 😍😍😍

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