August 17, 2018

Summer Days in London

“It’s okay for things to be changing, even though it’s super scary. Change fosters growth.”


 You guys know that I had a photoshoot in London. In my free time I actually shot some pictures for my blog and also filmed some videos for Youtube.

 For my second day in London, I decided to wear my yellow jumpsuit. London has been so hot, and a trip to Hyde Park was planned, so I thought this outfit was perfect.

Obviously because I got flown over to London, I had only limited outfit choices, since I had to pack mostly for the Photoshoots and Event.

 So I only had 2 bags, 2 slippers and 2 pairs of high heels with me. So don’t be surprised if you see the same bag or slippers in my London posts. But at least my bag matched the phone booth.


Let’s get to the outfit.




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