August 16, 2018

All Black at the Tower Bridge

“If you are willing to do the work, you can have anything.”

Hi there, welcome to my blog. Or my first post on this new blog, anyways, hi. Now let me get back to the normal scheduled blogpost.

This week is developing to be a very memorable week. I’m so happy and can’t wait for what the future holds. I’m feeling super motivated. I hope that every single one of my readers is having an amazing week as well.

I’m currently in London for a modeling job. And I am incredibly grateful. This is not my first time in London, but getting to work here, is amazing. And between photoshoots, I have some free time, so I am filming a youtube video, maybe even two. I’m thinking a lookbook (even though, I couldn’t bring many clothes, but whatever) and maybe even a vlog (it would be my first one). On top of everything, the weather is great. Just sunny and warm all the time. So it’s amazing. One of my highlights was definitely finding Chipotle (my favorite) and having a burrito.

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My go-to outfit choice most of the time consists of black. So you can assume that I loved this outfit. In the lookbook that I am filming, this location and outfit were my number 1 favorite. So definitely check out my Youtube channel and subscribe, so you don’t miss when it drops. You can find my youtube easily, if you are lazy, just click the youtube icon at the top or bottom.

Sunglasses – Zara
Dress – Zara
Shoes – Forever 21
Bracelet – Michael Kors
Bag – Michael Kors

You made it to the end. Now go check out my Youtube channel, that kinda sounds very demanding, I’m sorry. But go and check it out. I hope you enjoyed this post. Byeeee.

Sending positive vibes,

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